** Limoges porcelain handmade pendant, hand painted in gold, unique piece ** Gold chain 14k of 48cm

Delicate material to handle with care so as not to hit hard objects or surfaces during wear. It can be easily cleaned using a soft toothbrush and soapy water.

** A drop of earth for a drop of water ** Traveling since the age of 18 to discover other cultures and techniques of craftsmanship on jewelery (Queretes cores painted in the Caribbean, macrame, seeds and semiprecious stones in Latin America, coconut and black pearls in Tahiti ...), Raphael Schaltegger decided, in 2009, to open an art gallery / studio in Paris: Goutte de Terre. His work is mainly inspired by water, fluidity. All jewelry is named from rivers of the world. ** Goutte de Terre is also an association that aims to raise awareness about water values and improve access to drinking water. ** Sopilipili has fallen for the beauty and simplicity of his handmade jewelry from Limoges porcelain. The uneven gold touch echoes the fragility of porcelain and is reminiscent of this Japanese ancestral art of repairing broken porcelains or ceramics with gold powder lacquer, the kintsugi.



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