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Twilly Silk Celadon

A small design printed on silk.

Size : 6x90cm Color : Celadon Composition : 100% Silk Maintenance : Delicat washing Bach flowers : Antistres

This jewellery scarf can be used as a headband, tied around the neck or very smart knotted around the wrist of your arm. To balance your emotions, Emotis is using the organic Bach flowers elixir « ANTISTRESS » cultivated and made in France. The combination of Agrimony, Oak, Impatiens, White Chestnut, Pine, Crab-apple and Vervain helps you to find quickly quietness and serenity.

Emotis textiles, micro-encapsulated with Bach flowers were the object of an evaluation of the acute cutaneous tolerance on adult subject by a single patch-test method under dermatological control. The study carried out according to the referenced modus operandi PRM03-MO-006, concluded in a value of CMII of 0 thus non-irritating for all of the study population.

Hand wash delicately and air-dry the textile encapsulated with Bach flowers. The micro-capsules remain active until 20 washes. A spray of refill is available for sale.



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